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Meet the team!

Ritual Dyes is made up of a very small and nimble team. Lucky for me I get to work with some awesome people!! 

Martha Alvarado is the Operations Manager here at Ritual Dyes. She dyes yarn, helps customers pick out colorway and well, a whole lot of things. Martha is always thinking up new ideas, has so much knitting knowledge and is a fun person to be around!

Irene Wachtler helps run studio operations. She is a newbie knitter who has jumped right in (like all the way in- knitting an intarsia sweater this year!). She's an incredible artist responsible for a lot of the imagery used in our pins, tshirts, project bags and more. 

Martha Alvarado, Operations Manager 

RD: What are your favorite items in shop?
MA: Forsythia in everything, Chromite Maven and Sakura pink mini scissors!
RD: What is the best part of your work day?
MA: Dyeing and putting together color combinations for customers. 
RD: What are your hobbies outside of knitting?
MA: What? Is there anything else??? Ha ha. I like gardening, going on bike rides, building Legos, making salads and watching vampire tv.  
RD: Salty or sweet?
MA: Definitely sweet, mainly in sour candy form. 
RD: What is your absolute favorite plant?
MA: Purple echinacea, California poppies, lupine, baptisia
RD: Dream project you'd like to have on your needles right now?
MA: Hmm...that's a tough one. I would love to be knitting Seleste by Sari Nordlund in the new color of Elder, some Ripple Buttshorts by Jessie Maed AND a sweater with Midsommar Dyed in the Wool by Spincycle that I have been slowly collecting. There are so many amazing patterns out there! It is so hard for this girl to choose. 

Irene Wachtler, Studio Operations

RD: What are your favorite items in shop?
IW: My all time shop favorites are the Sakura Mini Scissors from Seki, Rhodonite on Fae, and basically any and every pink item we carry!
RD: What is the best part of your work day?
IW: Monday morning meetings with the whole team. We catch up, get everything on track for the week, brainstorm new ideas, and drink waaaaay more coffee than we should :)
RD: What are your hobbies outside of knitting?
IW: I like keeping a project going at all times, and right now I am rehabbing a 1970's camper trailer. Other than that my biggest hobby is scouring the internet for vintage clothing I absolutely do not need. 
RD: Salty or sweet?
IW: SALTY. Salty and crunchy. 
RD: What is your absolute favorite plant?
IW: Bleeding hearts. 
RD: Dream project you'd like to have on your needles right now?
IW: I have yet to find the exact right pattern yet, but I want to cast on an ultra bulky crop cardigan for fall. Something ridiculously plush and soft, and oh... probably pink!

Rachel Bratcher, Creative Director

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