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Q&A with Gavriella Treminio of Hello Gavriella

Q&A with Gavriella Treminio of Hello Gavriella

Hello Gavriella is new to the shop and I couldn't be more in love! All of Gavriella's colorways are hand-dyed with natural dyes. We just stocked up on her DK base which is a smooth and soft non-superwash merino wool. 

As Gavriella's first stockist (so honored btw) we thought it would be fun to get to know her and more about her process as a dyer, designer and maker. 

RD: You dye beautiful yarn colorways that we are so excited about but your designs are stunning as well! Which do you enjoy more, dyeing or designing? 
GT: I actually enjoy dyeing yarn slightly more than designing because there is little to no math involved. When I dye, I aim to produce certain colors but the process itself is so freeing once you lose the idea of hitting an exact color. It's very “go with the flow”

RD: If you weren't knitting, what would you be doing- what are your other hobbies?
GT: To be honest I don’t know what else I’d be doing. Knitting has been such a huge part of my life since the day I picked up my needles for the first time. It calms me, cheers me up, and sometimes frustrates me all at once. It has been a huge mental health antidote for me and came into my life at the perfect time. I dabble in clay and sewing too but those don’t compare to my love of fiber.

RD: What inspired you to start dyeing yarn? What is your process like for inspiration?
GT: For the longest time I couldn’t find the colors I was looking for in stores so I decided to try my hand at dyeing. I try to be as environmentally conscious as I can so natural dyeing just kinda seemed like the best option for me. I also have little kiddos so I knew dyeing right in my kitchen would be a huge factor also. That meant I wouldn’t be able to have chemicals or toxins in the house, so natural dyeing it was. When it comes to colors, I credit Pinterest. I aways find the best images there and try to pull colors from the overall theme of my mood boards. Its pretty clear that I love pinks and browns so I usually find myself working with plants and extracts that will provide me with some shade of those colors.

RD: Salty or Sweet? 
GT: Salty most definitely. Unless its chocolate covered pretzels, then its the best of both worlds! 

RD: Would you rather...
Knit with one base for the rest of your life?
Knit with the same color forever? 
GT: I think I’d be okay knitting with one base forever. I’d just have to get creative with the yarn. If I am able to dye it any color then I’d be set for life haha!                      

 Lilac & Honey, Hello Gavriella DK


Sunflower, Hello Gavriella DK


You can see and learn more about Gavriella Treminio’s work on her website here. 






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