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Max Turk from Roots & Crowns

Max Turk from Roots & Crowns

Roots & Crowns is a queer-owned small-batch apothecary based in Portland, Oregon. Max Turk runs a shop that consists of Botanical Skin-care, Natural Perfume, Herbal Remedies, & Self Care items that promise to bring Ritual to Routine for anyone and everyone. All the products are inspired by requests from real people, and formulated with potent wild-or-organic elements that are sourced mindfully and ethically- supporting Roots & Crowns's fundamental commitment to lasting relationships. 

I am a longtime fan of Max's work and have personally used their "You're Ok" formula for the past two years. In times of stress and anxiety, I truly notice a calming effect when rolled onto my temples or wrists.

We included a vial of You're Ok roll-on essential oils for the Fall Equinox 2020 Offering because, well, we needed it. 

I asked Max a few questions about their work and inspirations, read on for the Q&A.

RD: Tell me about your process, what inspired you to start the work that you do and what continues to inspire you? 
MT: My story is a long wandering one that you can read all about on my website, but this iteration of my work started from a place of bonding with plants and seeing first hand how even the psycho-emotional power of plants is so helpful! My first offerings were actually amulet necklaces that were little glass charms containing custom blended plants and words of intentions written on birch bark inside. Those amulets were so popular and people begged me to make herbal products that were ingestible and applicable for healing the body. So I started my tincture-based bitters line, then salves, and then on and on! 


RD: When you aren’t whipping up magical potions, what kinds of things do you like to be doing? 
MT: I really enjoy having the luxury of a long quiet morning of pulling tarot cards, thinking and writing, and day-dreaming. I also love a day when I can wander in the woods, cook a great dinner and engage creativity/play with flowers. 


RD: Can we convince you to join us and become a knitter? 
MT: Yes! But I gotta say I've tried to learn a few times and then I lose focus and forget. I think I have some needles and yarn sitting somewhere in a basket, and I should take them out one of these days...again :)

Roots and Crowns

From the Roots & Crowns retail shop in Northwest Portland 


RD: Salty or Sweet? 
MT: Salty! 100% Chips over pastries any day of the week. 

RD: I know you are a fellow plant lover! Which houseplant is your absolute favorite? 
MT: Oooo that's a tough one. I love all my house-plants equally. I think I have close to 100 of them! Right now though I'm really enjoying my dieffenbachia because it seemed like it was dying or something and then we realized it was growing two babies. So now it's a family! 
Roots and Crowns

Thank you Max for playing along! To learn more about Roots & Crowns, visit their website or the shop in you are in Portland! 






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