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Let the Tarot Be Your Guide

Let the Tarot Be Your Guide


I know that for many people, this holiday season is going to look different than years past. I hope that you'll be able to move slower through this time and leave space for yourself. This has been quite a year! As we come closer to the last month of 2020, it may be beneficial to draw a tarot card. Haven't used the Tarot Deck before? What better time to give it a try. We have so much to reflect on and consider before moving into a new year.

We used the Major Arcana from the Tarot Deck as a source of inspiration for our Holiday Gift Guide! Whether purchasing a gift, or giving loved ones a hint about what you'd like to be unwrapping, there are surely some good ideas here.

The Death card is not as grim as it might initially seem. As a maker, or friend of a maker, pulling this card can signify letting go of old projects that are holding creative flow back; finally putting those WIP's to rest. Create new space in your project bag as well as your head. Set goals and intentions, branch out beyond your fiber comfort zone. Finish up those lingering wips, block those sweaters, sew on those buttons. 

This card also represents shedding the unnecessary. Maybe a good time to donate to our fiber library? That way your valued materials can be passed on to someone else who will appreciate them. 


The Empress represents an energy that is instinctual and wild. All about diving into projects and trying new things. A beginner knitter or experimenting with a new craft? Go for it!
Guidance for someone who needs a little help making up their mind! Decisions, decisions, decisions. Why not have it allllll? A complete rainbow palette with Zodiac Mini Bundles or multimedia fiber projects like The Everyday Lined Hat from Denise Bayron (when you can't decide between a sewing or a knitting project.) If you are undecided on a project it helps to have allll the needle sizes like this Interchangeable Needle Set from HiyaHiya. Sometimes you just need someone to make the choice for you like with The Fall Equinox Kit which is all set up with a pattern & yarn so you don't even have to think about it! You'll end up with a beautiful hat designed by Tif Neilan. 
A very relevant card right now: practicing social distancing,  living in more solitude in order to protect the people around you. Make sure to take care of yourself as well as create space for introspection when possible. The Hermit has a habit of looking back at the past, which is something observed by many during this time of year. Colorwork patterns to stay engaged. Candles and vetiver to create a quiet and spiritual space. Journals, planners, and pens for writing down your innermost thoughts.


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