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Hello dears!

Hello dears!

Welcome to Ritual Dyes!

I'm Rachel Bratcher, Creative Director behind the brand. I had a quick Q&A with Emme Von to give you readers a little background about myself and insight into Ritual Dyes- hope you enjoy!


Ritual Dyes strives to create an inspired and intentional product with a conscious eye towards sustainability and quality practices. Each item is sourced with meaning and crafted with a clear vision for beauty and excellence.

With all small businesses, the driving force begins with passion. Rachel began dying in her kitchen in 2016, wanting to surround herself with symmetry and balance. She set out to create the perfect colors for her knitting projects. Ritual Dyes now boasts a full line of yarn bases with many colors and unique accessories including the Knitter's Backpack, crystal stitch markers, and the Moon pouch.

Inside the studio, the laid back and balanced aesthetic of the brand remains present.


What is the hardest part of being constantly creative?

Creativity goes through ups and downs. My biggest personal challenge is patience. It’s difficult to be patient through the process and not have an idea just come to life in an instant. I know i wouldn’t be satisfied if my idea became an object instantly. I like to have a presentable product complete.

What are you most excited for in the new year? You don’t have to give any spoilers.

The new yarn line is really exciting to me, we’re really pumped on it. It’s one of those things where we’ve spent 6-8 months on behind the scenes work of getting it together and getting the yarn to where we want it. Now that we’re so close to release, I’m getting excited to share it.

What Rituals do you perform to inspire creativity?

I have a lot of Rituals, but to inspire colors and daily practice, I definitely find so much while out walking. Having Mt Tabor right here is a great access to nature. Being in nature and having quiet time where my brain can drift is nice. I have recently prioritized self-care, if I don’t have that down time, i can’t access that stillness. I require sacred morning time- that’s coffee. Before kids are up, we have that time to ourselves. In our work, there’s so much rhythmic nature and physical labor and in that repetitive space, you can really let your brain trail off.

What’s something that you would like people to know about Ritual Dyes?

The majority of our customers are in-tune with our process and with independent makers in general, so I don’t think that it would be news to tell them that we care about what we’re doing and try to be as meticulous as possible with creating a product. We care about how they’re going to be using it. As knitters, we like to work backwards and think about the finished garment -- what are you going to be be reaching into your closet for and using over and over? That's what I want to help create.

“I’m a true libra, I love beauty and love surrounding myself with beauty. Its makes my brain happy, so I try to create that. I function better when things are orderly”

Join the conversation here - what Rituals inspire your creativity?



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