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Catching up with Denise Bayron of Bayron Handmade

Catching up with Denise Bayron of Bayron Handmade

I recently had a chance to catch up with Denise Bayron of Bayron Handmade as we collaborated on this new project! Denise designed a skill-building wardrobe staple, a "simple" beanie that is actually both a knitting and a sewing project! It delivers some useful techniques that carry into raglan sweater construction and incorporates finishing methods that will serve you way beyond this project.

The Everyday Lined Hat is an approachable pattern that will absolutely teach you a few things. It makes a great gift too! Learn more about the pattern here. 


Q&A with Denise Bayron of Bayron Handmade 

RD: What was your very first project (knit or sewn?) and do you still have it?
My first knit project was a turban!  I kept it for a really long time, but just recently donated it to my local American Cancer Society Charity Shop.  I took a photo for posterity, but decided it is better to live minimally with the things I use regularly, rather than holding on to more "stuff." It was a heather grey turban-style beanie and it was rather cute!!

RD: Salty or Sweet? 

Sweet! Definitely. My favorite combo is dark chocolate with dates.  OMG, yum! 

RD: What inspired you to start designing?
DB: I wanted to make the clothes I can't find in the world. It's also a very cathartic experience to imagine something in my head and work to figure out the math and the construction. Nothing else beats the sensation of seeing a concept turn into a real tangible thing! Then seeing that thing worn by other people in the world magnifies the joy even more! 

RD: This new design is so versatile! I think that you approach design in such an intentional way.  What is another multifunctional piece of clothing in your closet right now? 

DB: Another pattern I wear all the time and am able to style in multiple ways is my #dropletcapelet.  It's like a triangle shawl that never falls off your shoulders.  I thought it was cool when I originally designed it, haha. But I never imagined it would become such a staple in my wardrobe! 

Which technique (knitting or sewing) has been your favorite in terms of finishing an item and making it feel polished? 
DB: My favorite finishing technique is the sewn tubular bind off.  I used that technique to finish the ribbing on my #hatdana pattern. I've now reintroduced it again in this new pattern, the #everydaylinedhat. It is perfectly invisible. You would never know that the bound-off edge is actually where the work ends. 

RD: Would you rather...Knit with one base for the rest of your life OR knit with the same color forever? 
DB: I'd rather knit with the same color forever. I am a true lover of neutrals, so my favorite color palette is already pretty limited.  However, I find real joy in trying different textures! So if I had to choose, I would prefer to have a variety of different bases, even if they were all the perfect shade of beige. 


Thank you Denise for playing along!

(All images of DB provided via Bayron Handmade)



If you would like to make the Everyday Lined Hat you can find the pattern here.  We have put some kits together in all of Denise's colorway selections (and all kits are automatically 10% off) you can check those out here. 



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