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The Art of Mending: Darning: Woven darns (with or without a mini-loom) (April 17th or May 22nd) with Daniela Steiner

April 17th

Your favorite sweater/ sock/ shirt/ pair of pants has a hole.

Don't despair- this is your chance to turn it into an art project of creative repair!

In this class, we will practice woven darns. If you have a darning loom, you can bring it and we will discuss how to use it, but you absolutely do not need one to participate in the class. In case you're wondering, "what even is a darning loom?" there will be a couple examples there for you to see.

You might not have time to finish a whole project, but you will leave with the knowledge and enthusiasm to continue at home.

No knitting experience required, but a little sewing or weaving experience might help. 

Class Time

Wednesday, April 17th from 6 - 8 pm


Wednesday, May 22nd from 6 - 8 pm


Materials (not included)

  • Please bring one (or more) knit items to darn*
  • Appropriate yarn and needle. (Daniela will provide some yarn and needles to use during the class)
  • Snips
  • You might also like to have a darning mushroom (or an orange) and a crochet hook (in case you leave too short of a tail to weave in)

    Examine your socks and sweaters to find thin spots and holes. You can also use this technique on a woven garment. You'll probably be happier if you start by working on a hole that's no more than a couple inches.

    If you don't have anything to darn, or if you want some practice before you tackle that special sweater, you can knit a swatch or bring a scrap of fabric. But even if knitting a swatch is no big deal for you, might as well practice on a sock.

    * If you aren't sure, bring a couple garments you might work on. It is recommended to practice on socks- the heel and toe always wear out, and they don't need to be beautiful because no one will see them (unless you are super proud of your work and keep removing your shoes to show off.)

    You can darn a hole or a thin spot.

    ** pick yarn that matches the garment (weight, fiber content, and washing instructions) and a needle that matches the yarn and the garment. For most hand knits, a regular yarn needle is perfect. For commercial knits that are very tight (like your smart wool socks) a sharp darning needle will work better. For very fine knits (like a merino base layer) Daniela likes to use an embroidery needle.

    In any case, a needle that is longer than the width of the hole you are darning will make you the most happy.


    Daniela started mending because sewing is more fun than trying to find new pants that fit. She also teaches trapeze, and she really loves vegetables.

    Cancellation Policy

    Classes require a minimum of 3 students. An emailed notification of cancellation will be sent 2 days before the class if the minimum is not met. In the case of shop cancellation, all registered students will be refunded the class fee. Any additional fees including materials and the shipping of materials are non-refundable. Student cancellations, missed classes or no-shows can not be refunded, exchanged or transferred.


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