Ritual Dyes Yarn Subscription: Birthstone Gem Club 2021/22



Ritual Dyes Yarn Club Subscription


We will be diving into the glittery, colorful world of birthstones for this year! 

A birthstone is a gemstone that represents a person's period of birth, usually by month. We tend to know and love our own specific birthstone but there is much to learn about how gemstones from all the months can affect or influence us.

Did you know that in addition to being sparkly and beautiful each birthstone has a history? And in some cases, birthstones are thought to be imbued with specific healing and protective qualities. Each month we will be sending out a full skein of yarn (various bases available) that embodies the qualities of that particular birthstone for the month. The colorways will remain a mystery until you open up your subscription box but we will be drawing on inspiration based on each month's birthstone. We will be starting with October (Opal!), my personal birth month. 

Our yarn club subscription is available on multiple bases with a 3-month (quarterly) or a yearly subscription option. There is a discount on the yearly subscription, join for the year and save! We plan to have a lot of fun with this so read on for more information about the perks and surprises! 

Subscriptions are now closed for our first, second and third quarter. We will reopen with the following dates:


4th Quarter, sign ups open May 13-23


If you signed up for our 3rd Quarter subscription you will receive your first skein of the subscription during the first or second week of April and will be billed again on the 10th of every month. 

Please read: Because we want to send out yarns right before the first of the month, billing will take place on or around the 20th of every month (except for 3rd quarter subscribers who will be billed on the 10th). This means, in August you will be paying for October, then in September you will be paying for November, and so on! The billing for yearly subscriptions will end in July of 2022. We are not ending on a calendar year so your last order will arrive the beginning of September (Sapphire birthstone!).  So you will be paying in advance and will have paid 2 months before receiving your first yarn, this is the only way we can plan, dye, and ship Gem Club out. 

If you need to change your address, update your credit card, etc please click here to access your account. 

Gem Club Ravelry Group

Our Ravelry group is a great place to share pattern ideas, color pairings and more. At the end of each quarter, we will be voting on which color remains part of our permanent collection. Our Gem Club Ravelry Group is also where we will be hosting a series of prize giveaways! Please join the group for all the info.

Base Options: We wanted to offer a variety of bases for customers who mostly knit with fingering weight, those who gravitate more towards DK and a fun mohair base for mixing and matching! All colorways will be dyed the same on each base with varying results. In fact, each skein is truly one-of-a-kind so you can expect something special and unique in each of your monthly deliveries.

Fingering Weight Base

Full skeins only! This will mostly be dyed on our Maiden base (80/20 Superwash Merino/Nylon; 100gr/400yds) but may include some surprise skeins of fingering weight yarn on certain months.

DK Weight Base

Full skeins of our soft & bouncy Priestess DK base (100% Superwash Merino; 115 gr/250yds)

Fae Base

Our favorite Mohair Laceweight base, a full skein (70/30 Kid Mohair/Silk; 50gr/459yds)

Price for $27 per month for a yearly subscription or $30 per month for a quarterly subscription. There are some perks for a yearly subscription: a 10% discount per month, you'll receive a specially designed Gem Club Enamel Stitch Marker and a one-time coupon for 25% off any one item in the shop!

Recurring Payments

You will be charged on the first day that you sign up, and after that your recurring payment will happen the 20th of each month. Make sure to sign up for our Rewards Circle to earn rewards and our Newsletter to stay up to date!

 Check back for our next sign up period in May!