Lanyard Lite Worsted Yarn from Echoview Fiber Mill


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Lanyard Yarn is one of Echoview Fiber Mill's only cotton yarns. Made with domestically sourced organic cotton, this yarn is made on an old fashioned shoelace machine. This yarn is perfect for hefty projects like tote bags, bath mats, and potholders, or even for small macramé projects like plant hangers.  

  • Worsted weight
  • 100% Organic Supima Cotton 
  • Comes on a 1 lb cone: 453 g / 475 yards
  • Dyed in North Carolina

Yarn Characteristics

  • Strong and durable
  • Rich, vibrant colors 
  • Versatile yarn for different crafts

Care Instructions

Hand wash gently in lukewarm water using a mild (bleach free) detergent. Can be machine washed but will shrink slightly the first time!  

We try hard to capture the essence of each colorway, but please keep in mind that colors may vary from monitor to monitor.