Juniper on FAE


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JUNIPER, our Limited Edition colorway for 2020 

FAE is our delicate, lace-weight blend of kid mohair and silk. 

Mohair is a durable fiber and is notable for its brilliant luster and shine and is often added to other fibers to give them these same qualities. It is naturally elastic, has excellent insulating and moisture-wicking properties which make it a lovely multi-season fiber. It can add luxury to any project. 

Silk is strong, inelastic and naturally shiny. It is warmer than wool and naturally absorbent. Learn more about Fae here

The combination of mohair and silk creates a shiny, airy, strong fiber. The dye takes to both very well and we are always fascinated by the way it takes to our colors. The silk core sometimes glows amid the wispy mohair. Fae can be used alone or paired with any other fiber to create something luxurious.  

  • Lace-weight
  • 72% Kid Mohair / 28% Silk
  • 50 g / 459 yds / 419 m
  • Limited Colorway, not repeatable

Yarn Characteristics

  • Warm yet lightweight 
  • Soft and fluffy
  • Generous halo
  • Shiny