Baltic Braids (September 3rd) with Aleks Byrd


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Knitted braids are the perfect embellishment for any project! The Baltic countries of Latvia and Estonia have many different styles of braids that have added interesting details to mittens, gloves, socks, and sweaters. Learn about three styles of braids, the basic foundation, and experiment with color combinations and directionality.

Class Times

Saturday, September 3rd from 5 - 8 pm  


  • 4mm / US 6 needles for knitting small circumference (Double pointed needles or circular needles for magic loop)
  • Stitch markers
  • DK yarn in 2 contrasting colors approx. 20g of each color
  • Students will receive 10% off all class supplies
Technique Requirements:

Knit/purl, cast on/bind off, working in the round, chart reading, easy colorwork, basic finishing techniques

Students will learn
  • Estonian Twisted Braid
  • Kihnu vits / Kihnu Braid
  • Latvian braid: left and right leaning
Intermediate - Students should be comfortable knitting in the round and knitting with two colors at a time

  • Students should have yarn wound in cakes (if necessary) before class begins. 

Aleks Byrd is a knitwear designer and illustrator who is particularly well-known as a moderniser of Estonian knitting traditions. With a heritage tied to three countries – USA, Estonia and Canada – she has plenty of inspiration running through her, but tends to play with her Estonian roots in particular. She gives her knits a distinctive graphic touch and creatively applies the traditional Estonian knitting techniques putting a fresh twist on them for wearable designs. Aleks’ aim is to get knitters to try out new techniques in her collection of patterns, her book Traditions Revisited - Modern Estonian Knits and popular workshops. It’s her design background in illustration coupled with her unique ideas and love of colour that shine through in her collection of designs that are fun and rewarding to knit for all levels of knitters.