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Isn’t this a glorious time of year? We get to see such literal birth - lambs in the fields, buds on the trees, and the flowers that seem to blossom by the minute. This rebirth is one of the greatest blessings that we can watch and take part of, should we choose. Spring cleaning is upon us - I hope that you can make space for yourself by removing negativity and finding beauty in the things that are always around yet constantly changing.

Do you love the Knitter’s Backpack? Well, hold on to your hats, because there’s something new and exciting heading your way. Join the Knitter’s Backpack fan club on Ravelry to keep up on news and giveaways. (Hint: new colors and products being added to the line this year!)

We love to know how you wear it and how you flair it. Where do you take it and how do you use it? Make sure to tag us in the pictures and use the hashtags #knittersbackpack and #knittersbackpackadventures so we can feature you!

Speaking of the Ravelry group, if you’re into the monthly fiberscope, make sure to join. We have a very exciting fiberscope ahead, and greatly appreciate all the input by the well-grounded Tauruses in the group.

You patient, grounded Taurus:

(April 20 - May 20)

You are patient, loving and persistent. You love meeting a challenge and enjoying the result. Be proud of your strength and endurance, but it’s ok to take a break or quit if you’re not loving the process. Do you have a stubborn knit that’s been on hold for a while? Re-evaluate it with your pragmatic Taurus mind, and remember that is is an option to give up and start over. Give yourself the love and forgiveness you generously give those you care about.

Unlike the explorer Aries, Taurus is a determined settler, ready to build a home and cultivate the soil. They love to surround themselves with items of luxury and comfort. If you’re lucky enough to have this generous soul in your life, they would love a luxury gift, of a precious yarn, perhaps?

Those of all signs should find themselves more focused and patient while the sun is in Taurus. You too can find some serious Taurus strength by making a plan and following it. But be open to change. Flexibility is one of the greatest strengths we can afford ourselves. Knit forward with a reasonable eye and know when it’s ok to give up and don’t blame yourself for it. There is no loss of time or energy when we are creating beauty.

Want to receive some of the loyal, loving kindness of a Taurus? Use the healing crystal of Rose Quartz. It will inspire inner peace and tranquility and open you up to giving and receiving affection. Focus on becoming in touch with your emotions and therefore open to receiving love. Like the Taurus, we are all learning to be strong and resolute but absolutely tender at all times.

Do you love the zodiac and horoscopes on the blog?

Join the conversation on the blog and on the Ravelry group. What’s your sign? Are you true to your zodiac? What characteristics of your sign would you most love to see in that colorway? I look forward to your input and inspiration!

As always, thank you for your support in this woman-owned and operated small business. We appreciate your support tremendously!

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