Scorpio Release & Rhinebeck 2019!

Scorpio Release & Rhinebeck 2019!

Hello my dearest reader and friends, 

Here at Ritual Dyes, we are greeting the holiday season with warmth in our hearts and gratitude on our minds. I hope that those of you all over the world can begin some seasonal rituals of your own, and that you take time for yourself and your loved ones. 

My Rhinebeck weekend was so fun!! Beautiful weather, a cozy airbnb in the woods and plenty of apple cider donuts this time!

I truly enjoyed getting to meet so many of you in person and seeing so many Knitter's Backpacks out there! My next big show will by at Vogue Knitting Live New York and I will be sharing a booth with my dear friend ShelliCan ! We are cooking up some seriously fun things to bring you. 

 My Rhinebeck 2019 sweater! Ripple Crop Top from Jessie Mae Martinson. 

Upcoming Events

Locals and visitors are welcome to OPEN STUDIO hours every Wednesday from 10-3. Browse, shop, and work on your WIP, we love hanging out with you!

November 9  Ritual Dyes is very excited to host Maxine Sferra with a Tin-Type pop up! Maxine will be taking incredible images to commemorate your knitwear. Wear your favorite hand-mades and celebrate those stitches with a beautiful photograph. Space is limited, register online HERE.

You Passionate Scorpio:

(October 23 - November 21)

This month’s colorway reflects Scorpio's hyper-focus, dedication and loyalty.

Scorpio is quick-witted and intelligent, therefore, they love the company of those who are fun-loving and witty. Scopios make excellent leaders, so look for one in your craft circle and remind yourself of all the times they have inspired you in your craft.

If you're a Scorpio looking for your next project, look for colors and patterns that seduce you and spark passion, avoid projects that seem easy, you know you love a challenge! Your dedication and curiosity will see this project through to the end and entice you the entire time.

While the sun is in Scorpio, those of all signs will find themselves focused  and willing to dive into a project that requires a bit more attention. Snuggle in with a hot cup of tea and tackle that project you may have been putting off for the focus it requires.

Do you love the zodiac and horoscopes on the blog?

We have been having so much fun since last December and the winter solstice in creating the Astrological series for you. I hope you’re enjoying it too, and if you are, make sure to join the conversation on the blog and on the Ravelry group. What’s your sign? Are you true to your zodiac? What characteristics of your sign would you most love to see in that colorway? I look forward to your input and inspiration!

Limited Holiday 2019 Colorway, Walnut

Thank you for the amazing response to the limited holiday colorway for this year! I saw many of these on the fairgrounds at Rhinebeck and I know many more are winging their way to new homes. My intention with these is to bring magic to your knitting in the everyday use of your backpack! 
We still have a limited number available if you've been thinking about it. Just one run of WALNUT and it’s done! Get it now!

As always, thank you for your support in this woman-owned and operated small business. We appreciate your support tremendously!

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WALNUT Limited Holiday 2019 Colorway !!

WALNUT Limited Holiday 2019 Colorway !!

Fabric in the shop!

Fabric in the shop!

New pattern release from Andrea Mowry- MACKWORTH!

New pattern release from Andrea Mowry- MACKWORTH!


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