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Sagittarius!! The final installment of the Zodiac Collection is here!

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Nearly a year ago, we began our Zodiac project, releasing a patch, pin and special colorway as the sun turns into each star sign. We hope you’ve enjoyed the fiber related horoscopes each month! There is a special finale coming your way shortly so stay tuned!


You Open-Minded Sagittarius:
(November 22-December 21)

Sagittarius, you are fun-loving and adventurous. Those of us that are lucky enough to know a loyal Sagittarius, also appreciate their incredible open-mindedness and acceptance. Only those of this fire sign can truly appreciate how to remain open and tolerant, even when it may not be in fashion. They will always speak their truth.

While the sun is in Sagittarius, those of all signs can seek knowledge and become receptive to lessons we were once challenged by. Learn a new technique or skill, and you will find yourself engaged and eager to learn more. If you want to open yourself for cosmic wisdom, Sagittarius-style, try an fragrant aromatherapy blend using jasmine, saffron, or cinnamon.

Thank you for your support in this great zodiac adventure. We had so much fun creating these !

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  • anna on November 26, 2019

    thank you for a very beautiful year of inspiring colour.

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