Happy Gemini Season, my sweet subscribers and friends!

This season causes restlessness in the best of us. We have been waiting for the warmth of summer to whisk us away on the adventures we spend all year planning. We spend more time with the sun, with our projects, and with our loved ones. The approaching summer is something we have been longing to fill us with such joy and excitement. As the days grow longer, may you spend the extra hours surrounding yourself with activities that bring you pleasure.

We at Ritual Dyes are spending this season moving in and creating a new workspace! This is a momentous occasion for any small business and as our new studio and retail space evolves, we always remember that this is the result of immense support from our incredible customers and supporters.

The new space is in a great Southeast Portland neighborhood. We look forward to welcoming our community with events, project nights, and pop ups. We have a ton of ideas for this space that we’re growing into our own.

Did you notice the new addition to the Knitter’s Backpack line?

Thank you for your support of the Mini-Backpack; it sold out so quickly. If you missed out, fear not, there will be more online soon. Meanwhile - the regular size Terracotta is in stock, as well as all of the other colors. We look forward to the expansion of this line and have more exciting things coming this year. Make sure to follow the Fan Club on Ravelry and share the wonderful things you do with the backpacks! As always, sneak peeks find their way on Instagram.

This mini backpack is a great carry all for smaller projects and a few essentials. Just as nifty as the original, it’s slightly smaller and very adorable. We look forward to seeing what you do and where you take these precious bags. Be sure to tag Ritual dyes and #knittersbackpack so we can see and share in those experiences with you!

You adaptable and curious Gemini:

(May 21  - June 20)

This month’s colorway is a reflection of your everlasting mutability and shows us the strength of the Gemini-enchancing stone, agate.

You are clever and witty and a friend to all. Your curiosity leads you to strive for knowledge in all subjects. Because of Gemini’s absolute abhorrence of boredom, you may find yourself wasting energy by doing too much, the multi-tasker that you are. Create a healthy routine and establish balance in your life. You are liked by all and good at so many things due to your flexible nature. You are depended upon to bring good vibrations to groups of all people.

Ever the air sign, adaptability is your Gemini super power. Have you encountered a problem, a motif or technique in your knitting that you aren’t particularly thrilled with? Change it! It is your star-given power to tackle obstacles with fearlessness and willingness to change and learn. If you have an overwhelming amount of WIPs it’s because you love variety and keeping your hands busy! Does this sound like a Gemini knitter in your knitting group? They make excellent light-hearted participants and love to socialize with other creators and makers.

Those of all signs can benefit from this work style. While the sun is in Gemini, let your restlessness for summer push you right into a stubborn knit that may need to adapt to your particular skill. You can also try this Gemini-enhancing aromatherapy combination for nurturing an overactive mind: Basil and bergamot or grapefruit. Place the essential oils in a diffuser of choice, or mix a few drops in a spray bottle of water and mist your home and welcome the calming sensation.

Do you love the zodiac and horoscopes on the blog?

We got some great inspiration from the Geminis in the group this month. Join the conversation at the Ravelry group. What’s your sign? Are you true to your zodiac? What characteristics of your sign would you most love to see in that colorway? I look forward to your input and inspiration!

It’s Easy as 1-2-3!

Make-A-Long with Ritual Dyes! We want you to be inspired by your stash. Do you have 1 lone skein of Ritual Dyes in your stash? Or 2? Or 3? Stay tuned for an exciting Make-A-Long that will kick off at the summer solstice. In the meantime, check out some patterns in this ever-growing Ravelry bundle that would be so so good in Ritual Dyes.

The Fetching Fletcher by Fatima Hinds  would be so cool in high contrast colorways, and you only need 2 skeins or Priestess!

With just two skeins of Crone or Maiden - you could make his darling summer cami, Weekend Wonder by Samantha Stadler.

Nothing says easy summer living like a sweet crocheted top. Check out The Summer Top by Cecilia Losada. It would be a particularly boho chic vibe in the custom milled Elder.

And there are so many more!

We look forward to featuring more patterns and makers here on the blog. Be sure to tag the yarns used in your Ravelry projects so we can browse them and see some awesome makes!

As always, thank you for your support in this woman-owned and operated small business. We appreciate your support tremendously!

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MINI Knitter's Backpack & Terracotta

MINI Knitter's Backpack & Terracotta

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Our Fall Equinox 2020 Offering!

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