Aries, the Equinox and Camille Shu

Aries, the Equinox and Camille Shu

Hello Dear Readers, 

Thank you for finding me at Vogue Knitting Live, Stitches West, and Rose City Yarn Crawl. It was so nice to meet so many of you in person! It is also feeling good to be back in the studio and focusing on some exciting new Spring/Summer projects.

If I didn’t get the chance to see you at one of the shows so far this year- don’t worry! There will be a large shop update on March 25th at 9am PST. You will find yarn (including the Zodiac Collection), pins, apparel, Knitter’s Backpacks, and more!

So excited to offer a more size-inclusive, longer strapped version of the Knitter’s Backpack! The original has 36” strap length and this version has 40”. If you are considering, it might help to play around with a tape measure to see what works best. Check that out here.

You confident, brave Aries:

(March 20 - April 20)

It's no coincidence that the Ram is representative of Aries. You are headstrong, brave, and self-reliant. Your confidence puts you in a wonderful place to challenge yourself. Is there something in you queue that you’re afraid is out of your wheelhouse? FEAR NOT! Cast on and enjoy the challenge, if anyone can knit on headfirst, it’s you.

With all that motivation, you need to remember to take time for yourself. People of Aries are easily rejuvenated with small “timeouts”. Take 5 minutes to relax on a hammock or go for a solo walk. You’ll be refreshed and ready to continue your tasks!

For all: 

Those of all signs find themselves with increased motivation while the sun is in Aries. It is, after all, considered the first zodiac. As we approach the Spring Equinox on March 21, your desire for self-expression shall be revealed. Cast on a new project and set your intentions to create something beautiful and well loved. 

Try this quick and spicy tea blend to take some of that Aries energy and desire for task completion for yourself: Blend black tea, cayenne, clove, and cardamom. Using 1 teaspoon of your tea blend per cup of boiling water- pour the water over your spicy blend and let sit undisturbed for a few minutes. You can add honey or fresh fruit juice before drinking.

Do you love the zodiac and horoscopes on the blog?

Join the conversation on the blog and on the Ravelry group. What’s your sign? Are you true to your zodiac? What characteristics of your sign would you most love to see in that colorway? I look forward to your input and inspiration!

I am so grateful to have been able to collaborate with the wonderful local to Portland Artist, Camille Shu. Camille is an amazing illustrator and we are so honored to have her create the art for the Zodiac Collection. She does the incredible pins & patches for all of the signs! She was kind enough to answer a few questions for us about her own sign and rituals.

(pic credit : Laura Dart for Nahanni Arntzen)

What's your sign? Do you feel like you exhibit the characteristics that those of your sign are known for?

Aquarius! Yes I do, I am definitely creative and independent and a bit of a drifter - or at least I get bored really easily and feel the need to change things up often. I'm a self employed artist, so I think I'm in a good place to utilize and benefit from those traits! I can also be a bit detached or aloof at times, regrettably. I'm an introvert so I find it a lot easier and comforting to focus my energy on the close relationships I have versus making new ones. But that doesn't always work out for me! I'm aware of it and always trying to work on being warm and friendly with new people. On the other end, I'm also very altruistic. I have a lot of compassion for all living things and try my best to make daily choices that can benefit the well being of others  - whether it's eating vegan, buying used clothes rather than new ones, or volunteering when I can.

What is the most exciting part of working with companies like Ritual Dyes and developing a new product?

I really like the collaborative aspects of these projects. I love it when someone comes to me with their idea, and some rough inspiration/guidelines to work with. Having a bit of structure and input from another person makes it easier for me to start a project because it can be a bit overwhelming when I'm trying to create something with no baseline. When the options are endless, I find it hard to decide what to do! But if someone hands me a bunch of ideas and tells me to run with it, that's where I strive.

What Rituals do you perform to inspire creativity?

Hmm... I wish I had a better answer for this, but I really don't have any rituals! Usually my inspiration comes from everyday things that surround me, often plant related. My creativity is inspired as I'm walking my dog and see a flower I like, or I'm gardening and like how two plants look next to each other. Or I'm eating fruit and can't stop obsessing over the colors in front of me. If I'm stuck and in a rut, I'll usually treat myself to some flowers from the store, and just start drawing them. Or grab something from the fruit bowl, cut it open and draw. So, I guess my ritual could be that I just observe what's around me.

Thank you, Camille! I love our collaboration and look forward to creating more pieces together soon!

Shape Shifters

The collection is now live and our Maven & Elder samples are travelling to yarn stores across the country. See if your LYS is a stockist and keep an eye out for the goods.

As always, thank you for your support in this woman-owned and operated small business. We appreciate your support tremendously!

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Koivua !

Koivua !

Our Fall Equinox 2020 Offering!

Our Fall Equinox 2020 Offering!




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